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Who we are!

About Combineering


Combineering A/S is a privately owned Danish company with more than 25 years of experience in the utilisation of industrial waste products

Combineering A/S was established as an outgrowth from the former NLM Combineering ApS in connection with an alternation of generations in 2006.

Combineering A/S has it's headquarter in Birkeroed north of Copenhagen and has branch offices in Stockholm, Hamburg and Aalborg, as well as a subsidiary in Great Britain.

Combineering specialises in the development of new solutions for utilisation of industrial waste products and also handles more traditional trading with waste products.

The staff of Combineering comprises a range of highly educated employees and the company possesses a high level of professional expertise within chemistry and environmental legislation, as well as technical insight into a wide range of industrial sectors. 

Combineering primarily operates in:

  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Sweden
  • Norway

and further maintains activities in: Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Finland, Austria, and Croatia.

Our products

Combineering has its main activities within the following very diverse industries:

  • Raw materials for AD plants
  • Solid biofuels
  • Alternative fuels
  • Alternative raw materials
  • Fertilisers and feedstuff
  • Special treatment

Read more about our products here.