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Combineering A/S was founded in 1984 by by Mr Niels Lang Mathiesen under the name of NLM Industriprodukter ApS. The name was later changed into NLM Combineering ApS.

During the first years of its existence, the company primarily handled simple waste products, among others from breweries and bakeries, that were used as feedstuffs. Over time the field of operation evolved into more advanced waste products, such as yeast cream from Novo Nordisk, which was processed into pig feed.

The following years still more waste products from diverse industries were identified as interesting, and the company also started to look abroad for foreign projects. At this point NLM Combineering acquired full ownership of the partial subsidiary EWOC, a machine manufacturer, and contributed to developing equipment for the solidification of oil sludge and the "Dewaster", a screw press for squeezing pure biomass out of household waste. NLM Combineering also acquired the former rendering plant in Vantinge, Funen, and used it for production of feedstuffs and biomass for AD plants.

In 2006 a partial management buy-out took place, and at the same time NLM Combineering was split into two companies, NLM Vantinge ApS, which continued the line of feedstuff production and trading of plant-oil based raw materials for energy, etc., and NLM Combineering A/S, which took over all the remaining activities. Shortly afterwards, NLM Combineering changed its name to Combineering A/S and intensified its focus on the development of industrial solutions and on expansion outside the Danish borders.

In 2008 Combineering A/S opened offices in Stockholm and Hamburg, and in 2011 a subsidiary was established in Great Britain. In 2013, Combineering also entered the Southern European market.

Our products

Combineering has its main activities within the following very diverse industries:

  • Raw materials for AD plants
  • Solid biofuels
  • Alternative fuels
  • Alternative raw materials
  • Fertilisers and feedstuff
  • Special treatment

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