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Our services ensure a sound
process from start to finish!

What we offer

Combineering offers services to customers who produce waste products on one hand, and to customers who can utilise such products on the other hand.

Solutions for enterprises that either produce or collect industrial waste products.

  • Combineering can offer to optimise or develop solutions for the utilisation of waste products from industrial plants. Combineering can offer a full-service concept to these companies or, alternatively, selected single services.
  • The service may comprise development of new solutions, identification of new end-users, environmental certifications, notifications of cross-border waste product transportations, quality assurance, daily operation incl. all logistics, book keeping etc., or selected parts of these.
  • Right from the start of a project Combineering normally works on a "no cure - no pay" basis in exchange for an agreement on our exclusive right to trade the industrial waste products.

Solutions for industries that can utilise industrial waste products:

  • Combineering offers to supply alternative raw materials or alternative energy sources for a wide range of industries.
  • Combineering offers to supply such alternative raw materials or energy sources in the same way as other raw materials.

About Combineering

Combineering A/S has it's headquarter in Birkeroed north of Copenhagen and has branch offices in Stockholm, Hamburg and Aalborg, as well as a subsidiary in Great Britain.

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