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Privacy Policy for the Combineering Group and their affiliates

This privacy policy explains how the Combineering Group treats your personal information in accordance with the EU Personal Data Act and in connection with our business relationship.

Who is responsible for your personal data: Combineering A/S, Bistrupvej 176, DK3460 Birkerød, DK29609969 and subsidiaries and affiliates.

Which data is collected and processed: a) Contact details such as your name, address, title, e-mail, phone number and company relations. b) Data related to specific cooperation, contracts, supply or services such as e-mail communication, meeting notes, project relations, roles and tasks, questions and complaints. c) Combineering Group does not collect or process any sensitive data about you.

What is your personal data used for: a) To allow Combineering Group to run its business relations with your company including providing good service, maintain relations, enter into contracts, supply goods and services. b) To enable Combineering Group to act according to relevant laws.

Who has access to your data: Only employees of Combineering Group have general access to your personal data. Specific contact data and case by case relevant data may be shared with specific suppliers, transport companies, customers, auditors, banks, insurance and authorities. Combineering Group may additionally make use of third parties for storage and processing of personal data.

For how long do we store your data: Combineering Group stores the data as long as it is relevant, in relation to the original purpose of having the information and historical considerations. Combineering Group regularly updates its information and deletes the information that no longer serves the purpose. The period depends on the nature of the information and the reason for storage.

Your rights: You have the right to know, what kind of data we are processing about you and what we are using them for. If you send a formal request, we can inform you what kind of data we process about you. Access may however, be limited for the protection of other people's privacy, business secrets and intellectual property rights.

All inquiries regarding the above information can be done via our e-mail address:
or by direct inquiry at our office: +45 45 58 40 40

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