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Who we are!

Business concept

The core business of Combineering is to develop - or further develop - solutions for utilisation of industrial waste products and to convey these from the manufacturer(s) to the end user(s).

Combineering's services may include development of solutions (normally no cure no pay), obtaining of the required environmental permits, logistics (administration of all the daily transports incl. paper work for transfrontier shipments), financial management, etc.

In the case of simple industrial waste products for which well-functioning solutions are already at hand, Combineering can offer to trade these.

Combineering are not active in source collection of waste from private customers or minor companies, and consequently, Combineering have no storage facilities of our own.

However, Combineering often cooperate with private or public enterprises who collect wastes and who, therefore, compile large homogenous amounts, and we provide marketing solutions for them.

Our products

Combineering has its main activities within the following very diverse industries:

  • Raw materials for AD plants
  • Solid biofuels
  • Alternative fuels
  • Alternative raw materials
  • Fertilisers and feedstuff
  • Special treatment

Read more about our products here.