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6 business areas.
1 common goal!



Combineering has its main activities within the following, very diverse industries:

Biomass production
We supply raw materials for biogas production and auxiliaries for biological waste water treatment plants.

Solid biofuels:
We supply traditional and alternative solid biofuels .

Alternative fuels
We supply alternative fuels such as solvents and RDF.

Alternative raw materials:
We supply alternative raw materials for recycling within cement, mineral wool, tile and similar industries.

Fertilisers and feedstuff:
We supply alternative feedstuffs and fertilisers.

Special treatment:
We ensure safe treatment of such types of waste that are not suitable for recycling or utilisation.

About Combineering

Combineering A/S has it's headquarter in Birkeroed north of Copenhagen and has branch offices in Stockholm, Hamburg and Aalborg, as well as a subsidiary in Great Britain.

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